Why You Don’t Have Many Friends



Things That Keep Friends Away

The power of friendship is undeniable. Friends who truly value each other will do extraordinary things for each other. They will drive for hours just to be with you during hard times; they will even stand up for you even if they stand no chance. This is true friendship and is hard to find. Some people are wolves in sheep’s skin. They will befriend you for their own gain and if it is time to reciprocate, they are nowhere to be found.

At times, it is not your friends who have a problem. Maybe it is you and this may drive friends away.

Here are some possible reasons why you do not have many or any friends;

You Are The Jealous Type

Friends are there when you need them to be. They cry and laugh with you. If you are jealous of your friends’ accomplishments, you will push them away. Jealousy is a vice that is hard to conceal. You will show them how you feel through your attitude and if they detect a hint of jealousy, they keep off from you.

Everything With You Is A Competition

Gone are the days when keeping scores was fun and a game. As you grow old, you realize the value of friendship and all of a sudden you stop keeping scores. If not, chances are you will never keep any of them around. Nobody wants to be reminded of the time you did them a favor all in the name of making them do the same.


You Like To Complain

We make the best of life with what we have. Life is never fair and spending your whole life complaining only tires those around you. Show some appreciation and a positive attitude to win the hearts of your friends forever.

You Are A Bully

Being bullied is demoralizing and dehumanizing. If you are one who is constantly pushing your friends around, be prepared for a lonely life. Whether you are their boss or the biggest among them, show respect to them. This will, in turn, build a strong and healthy friendship. Do not treat them like lesser human beings.

You Cannot Be Trusted

Friends are people you can confide in without fear of judgment or spreading it to others. Gossipers have a hard time being trusted since they are always spreading rumors. One cannot help but wonder if you talk behind their backs. They will take caution and distance themselves from you.


You Care Less For Your Friends

No man is an island. We need each other to grow. In order for friendship to last, you need to care for them. The more you do this, the more they will feel challenged to do the same and at long last an unbreakable bond is formed. No one will stick around if you show no compassion for them.

You Lack Balance Between Your Ssocial And Personal Life

We all have a lot of things happening in our lives. Even so, you need to find balance and allocate some time for catching up with friends. Some people avoid spending time with friends when they are in a relationship. If the relationship ends, they turn to friends for a shoulder to cry on. Since you never bothered to know how they are and what is going on in their lives, you will have no one to comfort you. You simply chased them away by showing you have no time for them.

With You, It Is All About Taking And Never Giving

Friendship is a two-way street. You scratch my back I scratch yours when the time comes. Friend will give you money to pay debts, buy you free gifts; they take you to nice places expecting nothing from you. However, should they need your assistance, you should be there offering a helping hand. Selfishness prevents friendship from thriving.

Be a reliable person to your friends. Always respect them and never turn your back on them. Avoid the above flaws and maintain a healthy friendship.