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Why You Cannot Sleep


Why You Find it Hard to Sleep Well

When your life gets busy, it does not have to rob you of a good night sleep. Not only does it sabotage your performance the following day, but also has a negative effect on your health.

Too Much Thinking

When going to sleep, the last thoughts are likely to affect how you will sleep. Having a tough project ahead? Or quarreled with a colleague at work? These should not cross your mind as you prepare to go to bed because they will affect your sleep. It can be difficult for us to control our thoughts. However, once a negative thought crosses your mind at this important time of the night, leave your room to another one, with the lights on, the anxiety will start to go away. Once your mind is settled, go back to bed and you will sleep like a baby.

Alternatively, you can sometime in the evening for problem solving. Put down all the issues causing you stress and a solution for each.


Sleeping In

Sleeping late and waking up to a busy morning the next day affects you. The nerve cells in your brain will strain and you will have unusual sleep patterns. However, even if you go to bed late, do not extend your sleep by an hour compared to your normal waking time. Find time in the afternoon and take a 30-minute sleep. If you sleep longer than this, remember it will affect your sleep at night.

Your Spouse Snores

Does your spouse snore during the night? If it is a loud one, definitely you will not have a good night sleep. Let your partner sleep on their side and not the back or alternatively get a Sona pillow. Sona pillows are designed to solve this issue. It tilts your head and opens the airways, whose blockage leads to snoring. If the pillow does not solve the whole problem, try fitting in some earplugs. Go for the flexible and washable ones.


Change In Hormones

This is especially for women. When the levels of progesterone and estrogen fluctuate, they can affect your sleep. You will have issues such as waking up in the middle of the night or having trouble going back to sleep. Are camps affecting your sleep? Are they the reason you wake up at night? Take a war, or hot bath before going to bed. Try a painkiller or visit your physician for a sleep medication during this time. You can also develop a sleeping pattern and stick to it. Caffeine and alcohol can affect your sleep so if you can, avoid them.

Going To Bed On An Empty Stomach

Hunger pangs will wake you up at night especially when your stomach growls. This is common among people who are trying to diet. If this affects your sleep, take a high-protein meal or snack at bedtime. It could be a boiled egg or a piece of cheese. Proteins are better than fats and carbohydrates for people struggling with sleep.

Sleep is an important exercise in everyone’s life. It is a remedy for different life and health issues. Find out what affects your sleep and seek solutions for it. You should always have a good night sleep.





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