Why People Fail To Respond To Phone Messages



Why People Fail To Respond To Phone Messages

Nothing feels disheartening than sending a good message of love to your friend then it goes unreplied. Some thoughts will run through your mind as you try to imagine what could be the reason.

Am I no longer important to my friend?

Doesn’t my friend respect me anymore?

I know you always carry your phone with you. Why do you have to ignore?

Did I do anything to upset him?

Could he be playing some mind games?

Maybe he forgot to press ‘send’ after typing the reply?

You think you are smarter? Well, let’s see who plays this game better


You Are Not Alone

It is sad that everyone is guilty of ignoring someone at one point. Why then do we react and judge so negatively when the same is done to us? When your friend fails to reply your text within a certain time frame, then it becomes a breach of friendship, respect and worth. This is the reason that the traditional ways of communication have slowly slipped away. There is less face-to-face communication as was the case a few years back.

Have you allowed your feelings and emotions relay what you think? Have you also lost translation? You are part of this judgmental thought process you ignore a friend’s friendly text for different reasons. It is the highest time you stopped this childish mockery and quit judgmental behaviors and reactions.


Reasons Most People Fail To Answer Your Texts.

It is likely that someone who does not like you will not reply to your texts.

You failed to respond to a friend’s text and they are getting back at you by not responding to yours.

They find your dialogue quite a bore and would better peruse go through other social media sites to distract their attention from you.

They just want to keep you waiting for their response simply because they are playing some sort of mind game. They also want to see you frustrated and forget the whole thing.

It is their lazy day and that they do not regard you highly enough to pay attention to your texts.

It so happens that a phone battery dies shortly before your friend responded to your text. It is a rare occurrence, probably an excuse for being too lazy to respond to you.

What time of day did you send the text? If it is during the day, note that some people have to keep working. Suppose their job is demanding and they have to concentrate all day long? Or maybe they are having a bad day and want to be lefty alone. Again, people keep changing their phones and not everyone responds to new numbers.

They reset their IOS and lost all information including contacts. They are scared of responding to texts without knowing the sender first.

Your friend is probably upset with you and prefers to stay silent instead of picking another fight with you.

Wait, have you checked whether you pressed send after writing that emotional message? Don’t be too self-centered.

Which of these reasons apply to you? how many times have you judged a friend wrongly for not responding to your texts?