What Does School Prepare You For



Why School Doesn’t Prepare You for Life

Education is essential as it makes it possible for people to write, read, communicate and calculate. Educated people become knowledgeable about different cultures, philosophies, and history. There is abundant beauty in investing in quality education. For starters, education increases your chances of succeeding in life after school. Unfortunately; attending school does not necessarily guarantee graduates successful life automatically.

Limitation Of Your Options

Millions of people worldwide are jobless despite their academic excellence. Their joblessness can be blamed on our current education systems. Many people have been brainwashed with a myriad of preconceived notions that they can only be successful in life through excellent academic performances. Subsequently, many scholars base their future career expectations on the subjects they perform best in school. Education should provide scholars with endless options rather than limit them. For instance, it would have been better if schools taught students how to be more innovative, resourceful and creative to be successful. It’s a shame that a large number of highly educated people are still tarmacking in search of jobs despite their academic excellence.


Incompetent Professionals

It’s unfortunate that many professionals in modern schools have questionable credentials. Teaching has become a part time hustle for many professionals as they wait for their preferred career opportunity paths to open. It is common to find teachers teachings subjects that they are inexperienced in.It would make perfect sense if professional teachers, lecturers or professors focused on teaching subjects they are vastly experienced with for the sake of their futures. A lecturer who has no background in medicine has no business teaching the same in a college or university. Students need to learn how to be successful in different professions from successful professionals in relevant fields.


Handy Skills Are Not Taught In Schools

It is no surprise that many people cannot even change a bulb, cook, fix the lamp, iron clothes, fill their tax forms online, provide first aid, or even change a punctured tire among other basic things after school. This is an indication of failure for our education systems. It is surprising that most educated people depend on those deemed as uneducated to fix their plumbing, electrical, roofing, and cooking, car mechanical, and gardening needs. The rate of unemployment would be reduced drastically if schools taught handy skills to students at all levels. Schools should focus on encouraging their students to take an interest in handy skills. They should try to change the notion that certain jobs are for uneducated and primitive people.

Schools Don’t Teach Time Management

Educators neglect to instill better time management skills to their students. Schools only focus on insisting that students submit their assignments, exams or projects within a certain time frame without letting them know that time efficiency is the key to success in life. Our modern society is fraught with highly educated young people who have no respect for time. The sad truth is that most young people today find it extremely difficult to follow their schedules due to poor time management. Well, those who manage to be punctual for interviews, meetings or presentations were not taught how to manage their time effectively in school. They depend on their smartphones alerts, time management apps, and alarms to manage their time.

It’s evident that our modern academic curriculum fails miserably when it comes to teaching scholars valuable life skills to help them thrive or succeed in the real world after completion of their education.