Think About Starting A Business



Why You Should Be Thinking Of Starting A Business

Are you an entrepreneur? You must have heard on occasions, the reasons people give for not starting their businesses. There are those people who think it is a risky venture and that it might cost your sleep once you enter into debt. Others think that it ruins your social life. Despite all these business-related uncertainties, people feel attracted to starting their businesses. There are hundreds of reasons for you to take the first step towards starting up a successful business.

Your Time

Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of freedom. Be informed that at the start you might have to work for quite long hours with fewer returns. However, with time, you will have created a workable schedule that allows you a lot of free time. Being an entrepreneur in an awesome way of earning, but calls for patience especially in the initial stages of the startup.

It Has A Beautiful Story

When I explain to people that I am an entrepreneur, they are curious to know what I do, how I do it, and the progress of the business. It feels good to give a tale or two of how successful the venture has been. The most amazing part of being an entrepreneur is that you determine the chapters of the story. If your work for someone you will give little if any input.


Tax Perk

Entrepreneurs and freelancers experience several tax benefits. They have the freedom to write of expenses such as car payments, food, phone bills and travel. There are some startups that are eligible for government incentives.

Pride And Fulfillment

As an entrepreneur, you will start your business and build a successful venture. It gives you joy and fulfillment. You once had a dream and executed it. Now the benefits are visible and you feel good inside.


It is not possible to pass your career as a plumber, doctor or carpenter, on to your family members. What happens for a business owner? This is something that your family members can also do when you are away or incapacitated in any way.


Job Security

Do you know how it feels to be fired, laid off or downsized in a company that you have worked with for years? Entrepreneurship gives you a lot of security knowing that you are the boss. You are the sole runner of the show and you have no fears of being sacked!

Bonding And Networking

Entrepreneurs ate communal and like to interact. They swap success stories, meet and share each others’ experiences. This means that your circle of acquaintances and business owners keeps growing and you become a better entrepreneur and business manager.

Better Control

It is easier for you to control what goes where especially when it comes to expenses. You can also allocate financial gains to some members of your family. It is also fulfilling because you can participate in a charity, CSR or personal donations.

Being A New Mentor

As you start up your business, you choose a mentor to help you actualize your dream. It is now your time to be a mentor. Feels good, doesn’t it?

There are hundreds of reasons for you to believe in yourself and start a business. You only need to find the strength and will inside you then you are good to go.