The Thirst Is Real

It’s summertime and hotter than fish grease out here in these streets! Do you stay hydrated throughout the day? For the ones who do you understand how difficult it can get to drink the required amount of water each day to stay hydrated especially when temperatures reach the 90’s and 100’s. So what can you do to make sure you drink the appropriate amount of water? Most people just try and drink more water. Unfortunately it’s never as easy as it sounds so before I put you on game make sure and quench your current thirst. This post will tell you why its so important to drink water and enough of it and what it’s affecting in your body.

Your brain, blood and bones are composed of high water content. With that being said your body needs an adequate amount of water to function properly. Drinking water on an empty stomach can reap numerous benefits per many nutrition studies. The following are health benefits of drinking water:

  • 1. Balance Body Temperature
    • Consider your body naturally maintains it’s temperature and is made up of water
  • 2. Helps Breathing
    • With the right amount of water you can facilitate oxygen distribution throughout your body.
  • 3. Metabolism
    • Water will boost it carrying hormones, nutrients and oxygen to body organs.
  • 4. Relieves Pain
    • The spinal cord is made with high water content and dehydration will bring on back pain.
  • 5. Improves Skin
    • Water can provide moisture that will ward off fine lines, sagging and wrinkles.
  • 6. Proper Digestion
    • It will health in maintaining a healthy body and prevents serious problems that can snowball quickly.

I mean water is the shit! Its full of a lot of healthy benefits and can change the condition of your body. Therefore, don’t wait start drinking at least the eight glasses up to half your weight in ounces to really see the results explained above.

So take this “new” found knowledge and take your game to the next level. Also the next time somethings not right with your body ask yourself how much water have you really been drinking.





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  1. Try having the gastric by pass and drink water like you need to. It’s harder. But I’m doing it. 64 plus oz a day 2.oz every 7-15 minutes
    Stay cool keep hydrated ..

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