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Seasonal Affective Disorder

If you noticed your mood changing and smile turning upside down with the weather, it’s not just you. Seasonal affective disorder is a reaction to reduced sunlight (Vitamin D) and this affects 1 out of 5 Americans. Being sad is not great for your health so adding on these “Winter Blues” with overeating and lethargy aren’t going to help. So rather than dismissing this and letting this beat you today’s blog will tackle some ways you can beat it.


All Of The Lights

  • Serotonin is a mood regulating neurotransmitter and the darkness brought on by the fall and winter months detours your body from producing as much on it’s own. So open your blinds, buy a light box and just get more light overall during morning hours.

Burn More Calories

  • We are not bears so why are we hibernating? Exercise is a proven mood changer. When in motion everything will be fluid and once you stop everything else will eventually catch up and stop moving too. Stay Active! 😉 The sun don’t have to be out for you to sweat.

Change Your Surroundings

  • Remember you can only worry about what you have control over. If you can’t change there is no point in wasting your energy when there are plenty of things that you do have control over. With that said brighten up your home with some new art or the work place with colorful supplies. Change the background on your mobile device and/or laptop if you’re really feeling down. #HappyPlace


Now that you are alert stop limiting your abilities because Mother Nature is just doing what she do. So take heed and find solace this year in knowing you aren’t alone we all got fucked up moods, feelings and sleep patterns.

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