Reasons You Forget Names



Why Do You Forget Names Easily

It has probably occurred to you once or twice that you forget names but remember faces. Ever wondered why? Most people find it totally impossible to remember faces. A condition called prosopagnosia leads to this phenomenon. A Memory Survey showed that over 98% of the respondents find it easier to remember faces as compared to names. They had a story to tell about remembering names. Such an occurrence can be devastating to many people. Can you imagine missing an event because afraid of meeting some people whose names you will not remember.
Someone told a story of a friend who has employed many employees in the family business. He no longer attends Christmas parties for fear that he could not remember the names of the hundreds of the people that knew him. He finds it distressing even though he meets the employees once in a year. Imagine hundreds of people coming to greet you yet you can hardly remember them, hence finding it hard to respond to their greetings.

Reasons Behind Prosopagnosia

The most obvious reason is your lack of belief that you can. Once you begin to think that you will remember people’s names, you sure will. However, when you keep it in your mind that you cannot remember names, then so will it be. Once you begin to pay attention to names, put a little effort and eliminate such a limiting mindset in your head, you will begin to remember names.

How often do you listen to other people’s names? This person could not be clear when introducing themselves. Some people introduce themselves with so much enthusiasm just to ensure that you will master their names. If you do not get the name correctly, your mind will remind you that you already forgot the name. Put some effort to fight this mindset.


Your Thought Process

There are times when you have a different thought in your mind. This way, you will not listen or concentrate and the name will not stick. How many times do we judge a person that we meet by thinking of what to do to assist them? Have you ever met someone and you are already thinking how they could be of help to you, that you don’t pay attention to their names?

It is not important to master the name of someone that you are meeting for the first time. This kills the impetus of you wanting to do something to help you remember their name. It is important that you value an individual even before hearing their name. it will increased your chances of remembering their names and the value system in your memory will help you with this.


Brain Power

There are times when you are meeting so many people. It is overwhelming to remember all their names so you choose not to remember any.

You are probably not allowing your brain to work as it was meant to. We prefer a written word than a spoken one.

The thought that you can fool others.

Your brain is flexible and given a chance, it can remember as many names as the number of people you meet.