Plug-In Electric Automobile


Electric cars are known for their high cost and less than favorable battery life. Sooner than later diesel and gas power is going to be knocked out by plug-in electric automobiles. According to a small group of people with a copious amount of money and honorary PhD’s the majority of passenger vehicles will be electric by 2040. What does that mean for you? Is this because less people are owning cars or is this the beginning of a new world order in the age we’re currently calling digital? To further ensure none of us are left behind this blog post will uncover how electric cars are here, how they’ll affect you and how they aren’t going anywhere.

Now 2040 seems like a long ways away, but I’m sure your parents thought that too when they found out they were pregnant with you thinking they have plenty of time. To be clear this post is going in the direction of where we will be at this time and what it means more than the specifics on electric cars. With that being said THE ROBOTS ARE COMING! Everything leaning towards less human and more machine means our value is going to go down in some places and rise in others. Think about what you do for a living and if it’ll be around in 5 or 10 years. Now I get it there’s always the inevitable and denial. I mean look at horses and we don’t even remember when “cell phones” were trash and had to be carried in suitcases. So to think that it’s impossible that your job could be done by a robot or your next Uber wont have a person in it waiting for you aren’t so far fetched. And being able to understand it is not necessary as most of us don’t partake in aerodynamics or engineering, but we hop onto trains, buses and airplanes regularly to feed our need for convenience. Try to remember we live in a capitalist nation where it’s not personal it’s just business.


So now that I got your brain firing off you can take some time to let that marinate and compile your own research. Because obtaining more knowledge will allow you to continue making better decisions without worrying opposed to the Stevie Wonder theory that others have adopted in the current Dogma era. Feel free to leave a response below you your ideas on the matter…