Plant Based Diet

Do you always know what you are eating? I know I don’t. Generally if it taste good I’m probably going to eat it. (pause) As the title reads going plant based doesn’t mean you have to give up meat. Some definitions allow for modest amounts of lean meats and fish. I don’t hug trees nor have a large investment in not eating animals although they may still think I’m a hippie because of the lifestyle I lead. In today’s blog I’m going to go into the benefits of going Plant Based as this is something I’ve wanted t do for some time now and have slowly implemented some things while taking others out completely. So enjoy a perspective that’s not political. Oops!


Sometimes just wanting to be healthy isn’t enough when a will to live is necessary. I know that’s hella deep, but all I really want you to take from this is what in the actual fuck am I eating and putting into my body for it to operate on a daily basis. The following are my preferred reasons to care about whats fueling my body:

    • Save Money
      • Meat is expensive AF
      • Veggies, Beans, etc. are low cost
    • Live Longer
      • Studies Show 4-7 years longer
      • They said something about cigarettes and alcohol too
    • Clear Skin
      • Acne? Rough Skin? Oily?
      • Plant base is high in fatty acids and vitamins A & C
    • Limit Cancer
      • Antioxidants can prevent and even kill these cells
      • limit cancer-causing foods #preventativeMAINTENANCE
    • Lose Weight
      • On average leaf eaters are 20 lbs. lighter
    • Amp Your Sex Drive
      • Are you f*cking or nah?
      • BLOOD FLOW
    • Save 100
      • Average person eats 100 animals a year
      • Where are all these chickens and wings coming from?

So you have a few reasons to try a plant based diet so get started tomorrow or after the doctor tells you how much damage was already done. Like always do your own research and keep the conversation going and try not to eat meat with every meal every day…