Mental Illness


25% of adults are faced with a mental health condition every year with 75% of these conditions developing by the age of 24. Mental illness is a particular state of existence that can affect your mood, thinking and the way you feel. Every person and condition is different even if the diagnosis are the same. Something as simple as functioning day to day and relating to others on a regular basis can be a difficult task to say the least in regards to mental illness and how it affects your abilities. In today’s blog post we will discuss recovery, wellness and causes of mental health conditions.

Generally one event isn’t the result of a mental condition as research has shown us that multiple events are linking causes. From the jump your lifestyle influences, genetics and environment can decipher whether you develop a mental health condition. Our brains are very complex with circuits and biochemical processes playing a role as well. With that being said engaging early and support are crucial when it comes to increasing your chances of recovery and overall outcomes. Currently in America Anxiety is the most common mental heath condition affecting nearly 20% of our population. Now when you add that to the opioid conversation seeing that Xanax is close to the top of preferred drugs to treat anxiety. I don’t believe that someone will change or even be healed from this post, but I want to have the conversation and let people know that they can talk through whats going on in their head as many of us are enduring the same. So instead of running away, being quiet or just looking the wrong way speak out and use your voice because life is tough enough already as things sit.

Now that you know a little more about what mental illness is, you’re ready to take notice and acknowledge it without worrying you’re not well equipped to address a situation. And don’t forget to share or at least talk to a friend about this today! 🙂