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Leaving Your Hometown

Americans have become less mobile over the last 20-23 years, especially those with lower incomes and less education. Which means they’re not leaving their hometowns. According to some folks who did some things over at The New York Times they’ve found the typical adult lives on 18 miles from his or her mother. To give you an even better look into this about 1 in 5 live more than a couple hours drive away from their mother. So in today’s blog we’ll discuss the psychology behind it and what it can do for you in regards to opportunities of financial gain and/or further education.


Even if this isn’t something you’re thinking of or believe you can achieve you must consider the following reasons to leave your hometown:


By expanding your horizon through new enviroments your mind will be able to actually comprehend just how small the worlds is and the endless possibilities.


Upon moving to these new places you’ll be forced to try new things on a consistent basis. So that means meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and local cuisines as well.


Being self-reliant isn’t supposed to be scary. Being resourceful is a very rewarding feeling. Theres more to adulting that paying rent, doing laundry and finding free wifi.


You already know though. You only live once that’s the motto. Te fear of missing out is real and has plague me personally since I can remember. But ant the end of the day I don’t want to miss out on my own life either.


Now that I’ve got you wondering remember that just do it isn’t just a Nike slogan. Where there’s a will there’s a way! Not only are you in control of your destiny, but with one life to live why not?

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