In Your Feelings


Have you ever felt some type of way and nobody else is really feeling you? In the English laguage alone there are approximately 4,000 feelings listed. Not to be confused with emotions which are physical and instinctive. Feelings play out in our heads being made up of mental associations and reactions to said emotions. So to break it down two people can feel the same emotion, but label it different ways. In today’s blog you’ll learn how feelings construct the way you behave in this world.


Emotions are driven by events that happen in ones life, while feeling are learned behaviors that usually lie dormant until they are triggered. For example happiness is a feeling and joy is an emotion. Being happy is a state of mind based on circumstances, joy disregards the circumstances as its an internal feeling.

Feelings Emotions
Happiness is a feeling. Joy is an emotion.
Worry is a feeling. Fear is an emotion.
Contentment is a feeling. Enthusiasm is an emotion.
Bitterness is a feeling. Anger is an emotion.
Love is a feeling. Attraction is an1 emotion.


Most people believe their attitude or mood is based on other people or circumstances. The truth of the matter is that feelings are caused by thoughts about those circumstances or people. When you can become clear on this concept you will find a great sense of freedom and empowerment.

Learn yourself and how you feel then embrace all of your emotions fully without labeling them. After that work on expressing them in a constructive nature. Laslty focus on the actions that you believe will give you the best results and remove the narrative as much as as often as you can.