Humans Need Not Apply


The robots are here and have been for some time. Economically it’s the inevitable because it’s all about the bottom dollar. This is where they say it’s business not personal. Just in case you don’t know what I’m referring to it’s called automation. Automation by definition is the application of machines to tasks previously performed by human beings. This has now evolved to tasks that would otherwise be impossible. Today on Labor Day which seem fitting I am going to be discussing human beings being unemployable.


  • Physical Labor
    • Walmart low key got rid of the bagger making the cashier bag your items. Now, they’re modernizing their stores creating more self checkouts and ones for shoppers with more than 15 items.
  • Equus Caballus
    • The last time you thought about horses was in an article about Burger King. They are obviously not extinct, but they no longer deliver mail, transport people. Mechanical muscles pushed out horses similar to how mechanical minds will do to us. The horse population peeked over 100 years ago
  • Automobiles
    • Self driving cars are the first that come to mind, but think about the ride sharing apps like Lyft and what they did to the transportation industry. On a smaller platform they have small autos in warehouses like the new Amazon distribution center in Airway Heights. As of June 2018 it was reported they have 100,000 warehouse robots.
  • Creatives
    • Artificial creativity is a developing field. They have bots that can write articles, paint, create music and a lot more. What’s to stop the powers at be the use this instead of actual human beings because they don’t ever get tired and are a fraction of the cost. In your free time Google the movie “Simone”. Al Pacino creates a computer generated women who gets poppin’ having everyone thinks shes real and the whole time it was a computer program. This movie came out in 2002.

I didn’t know how to end this one so I embedded the video from YouTube by the creator C. G. P. Grey. Take the time and make your own opinion because it’s happening regardless. #BetterSafeThanSorry #ThinkAboutTheKids





2 thoughts on “Humans Need Not Apply

  1. fax man.
    we bout to live in a world where we will be policed by robots.
    like some fuckin irobot shit.

    i feel as if AI already took over.
    we’re so dependent.

    1. You feel me?! Get wit it or get lost. By the time they get tired of learning the hard way it’ll be too late.

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