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Here Is Why You’re Single


Are You Single? Here Is Why!

Love scene has turned the world upside down. Each day, there is something new to learn from relationships. Family and friends are getting married but you never seem to know their secret. You have been single for as long as you can recall and you do not know why. It is okay to be single but the community around us may stereotype the situation and cause pain.

Being single could be a choice or circumstances have forced it to be that way. Whichever the case, here is why you never seem to find a partner;

Low Self-Esteem

Relationships are all about learning and exposing yourself to each other. Sometimes, it is not possible to do that due to our perception of ourselves. Some will think they are too ugly, different and they do not deserve the kind of man or a woman they have found. This lack of confidence forces us to push away people and retreat back to our safe spot.

You Are Choosy

There are situations that love manifests at first sight. For those not lucky to experience this, we may date several people before finding the right one. Along the way, we will form expectations that must be satisfied by your partner and if they do not meet them, it is goodbye for them. You could also be too choosy due to distrust and previous bad experiences. This leads to chasing away a potential partner that could make you happy for the rest of your life.


You Have Your Shields up

Bad childhood experiences, bad breakups and rejection cause one to have their shields up. Anybody who shows interest in dating you becomes an enemy. You will revisit those experiences and tell yourself “once bitten twice shy”. You will be afraid to be vulnerable again and therefore turn down the idea of dating.

You Have Rules About Dating

You have set the bar way too high with rules about dating. Sure, previous dates may leave scars but it should not deny you the chance to try again. The rules will hinder honesty in the relationship and eventually, it will never work out. Just be open and avoid rules unless they are healthy to the relationship.

Unhealthy Attraction

We do not always get what we want. You are into someone but to them, you are just a friend. This is a classic example of unhealthy attraction. If you choose to be honest you might get turned down and view it as rejection causing pain and fear to try it again.


Fear Of Being Too Close To Another

Love is made stronger through intimacy. The closer you get to a person, they stronger the bond between you two becomes. People are sometimes afraid to open up, share their weaknesses and vulnerabilities to their partners. When this happens, you always push away anyone trying to get close to you for fear to open up to them.

You Fear Competition

The dating scene is competitive. Only those willing to compete find partners with whom they are compatible. Others, when there is a sign of competition, they take a step back. They either think the other person is better or they fear aggression from the loser. If you do not want to remain single, step up to the competition.

True love is hard to find, but once you find it, it is worth any challenge you may have gone through. If you want to find a compatible partner and change your status from single to in a serious relationship, watch out for these reasons. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to be loved, let down you guards and give it a try.

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