Goal Setting


Whether you know where you’ll be 5 years from now or not by the end of this you’ll want to at least write GOALS on the top of a piece of paper and stare at it for a moment. With that being said if your goals aren’t tangible and are just in your head you can go a head and skip to the end because you are light years ahead of the rest of us. Furthermore with goals comes success which is a relative term. To some it may be having a family or the number of calories they eat today. Personally the ability to make a lot of money and having fun doing it is how I define satisfaction in regards to my goals and setting them.


I tend to set high expectations and the goals that come with that are designed to match. Being realistic and making sure your goals are obtainable are key! So rather than thinking your reaching too high use the following when setting your next goals:

1. Write Down Your Goals

  • I used the reminder app on my iPhone setting up To Do lists for the day week and month. With life moving without any regard for any of us individually I have to use this method so I don’t forget meetings, projects and cancelling free trials. These reminders are great as they act like an active voice every time you see them. Considering we can’t get time back learning to respect it will open you up to a plethora of new opportunities.

2. Set Goals That Motivate

  • Your goals need to mean something to you in order to give it value to achieving it. So start with the highest priorities because this can get overwhelming at times in a very real way. Most of the time people quit anything when the road blocks come. This is usually do to lack of motivation and/or patience. I mean how many times have you been in a traffic jam and next thing you know you’re out of it and on to the next?

3. Make a Plan; Work the Plan

  • The end goal is always very enticing, sometimes to the point we forget about the process. You know when someone say A to B? 😉 The process is the “to” part. So when creating your goals don’t forget to break them down giving yourself steps to take on this journey. Now working the plan makes you official, regardless of what you may think or what others tell you. Remember there is levels to this shit and it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting, half way there or about to reach it as soon as you accept the challenge you are it!


Now don’t get ahead of yourself like you did running that mile in elementary school. Pace yourself and don’t compare your successes to anyone else because you’re only seeing a piece of the puzzle. #TheProcess Trust the plan, work the plan and be flexible. *pause