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What would I spend my time doing if I had complete financial abundance to do anything? Some may have never been asked this questions while others may not know the answer yet. Finding your passion sounds in depth and even difficult, but answering that question can assist you in what to do with the rest of your life. Today’s blog post is directed at people who may feel unfulfilled or may not know what they should be doing with their life. It’s very easy to fall victim of routine getting stuck in the mundane leaving you bored. To be clear this is for those who feel attached to their jobs they don’t enjoy all the way to people just getting into the game. A lot of us have wanted to make the leap, but aren’t feeling froggy. The follow will give you a better understanding on how you can find your passion in life.


Your passion doesn’t have to be your job!

  • This first exercise for a lack of a better term is a major key even if you’ve never heard Khalid say it. When looking for jobs or other forms of income make sure the way you choose gives you the time you need for what you really love to do. And remember there are a lot of things worth doing that don’t bring you any money and the best part is you don’t have to be great in order to be passionate about it. Nobody can tell you how to feel! Lastly when it comes to money a lot of businesses have “Loss Leaders” that are ventures that don’t make a profit. They do these in hopes that it’ll eventually bring in money, ie. a podcast, a blog or an Instagram page.

What do you hate doing?

  • Take the time next time you are free to create a list of task and/or jobs that you would never dream of doing. I’m sure if you went to Elementary school in America you are familiar with the process of elimination. With this list done you’ll have removed those options leaving you a better sense of what your passion truly is. Some have even made list of people they are jealous of to get even more clarity on the issue. Being self aware is priceless! But when you see these things on paper it will allow you to have a different perspective from what you’ve had. For example let’s say you’re jealous of Anthony because he’s living a lifestyle that appears better than yours. Rather than festering this hate and disdain for Anthony take that energy and find out what Anthony does to earn money and who he associates himself with. I mean we see a rapper and start a Sound Cloud account, but when you see a lawyer you don’t grab a book. Don’t be fooled by perception because there are far too many that exist to be perfect in each one.

Stop waiting for your “Eureka!” moment.

  • The “Instagram Culture” hsa got many of us looking for inspiration to strike in an actual instant. Now don’t think this can’t happen becasue it does, but it’s not a requirement. For the ones who don’t just spark on demand there’s some work involved in order to start that fire. Generally speaking your passions are found overnight. It is recommended you spend as little as 20 minutes a day thinking about opportunities you’ve spotted or things you’re really interested in as of late. You may even have friends, co-workers or people close to you that may have an idea of what direction you should lead. Don’t be afraid of the conversation and try not to expect much, but the actual conversation. Practice makes you better at what ever your practicing at. I mean even as an instant millionaire being drafted into the NBA you still have to keep working harder to maintain the goals you’ve set before you. With that being said stop looking to the end goal once its found and focus on the in between.


No matter if you’ve fallen into routine, are a beginner or a slighted veteran 😉 you too can take control at any point in YOUR life when you are ready. But in the mean time don’t lose complete focus on what’s to come as a break isn’t the end its something you come back from.

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