Causes For Always Being Broke



Probable Causes For Always Being Broke

We all have experienced what it feels like to be broke at one time. The situation is confusing and depressing. For some, it acts as a wake-up call. They brainstorm until they find a way to never be broke again. Others are not that lucky. No matter what they do, they will always be broke. This raises the question “Why am I always broke?” It is a simple question but finding the answers is tricky. To help clear your dilemma, here are some possible reasons why you find yourself broke all the time.

Living A Luxurious Life; One You Cannot Afford

It is normal to have fun and at some point, it is good to reward yourself for all the hard work you have been doing. Go to the movies, visit the zoos, go parachute diving or do whatever that is fun to you but know when to do it. This is a luxurious life and not everyone can afford it. Do not stretch your pockets doing all these things while in real sense you do not belong to that kind of life. If so, it is a reason why you will always be broke.

You Drink Too Much

Money is hard to come by. It is also scarce but however, you will always find some to go to the bar. Even worse, you will buy rounds to friends and strangers. After all said and done, you will always keep complaining you are broke. Where does this money for a drink come from? Prioritize what you spend your money on else you will never be anything else apart from broke.



Mortgage loans, student loans, business loans and any other loans you take could be the source of your financial problems. At first, it is a good deal until it is time to pay back. Loans will always pull you back financially especially if you do not have the means to pay them back.

You Are In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is a good thing. But it could also be the reason why you are broke. It is demanding in the sense that you will spend a lot of money just to please your partner. You will take them to expensive hotels for dates; buy jewelry and gifts and so on.

You Reside Is Expensive Places

Living in places like New York shows class and at the same time drains all your money. There are other places where the cost of living favorable. Do not go for class otherwise always be broke.


Massive Credit Card Debts

Credit cards are sometimes lifesavers. They are also financial landslides waiting to happen. With a credit card, it is hard to resist buying clothes and other items. Eventually, you will be left with massive debts which take a toll on your bank accounts.

Could It Be Because You Are A Girl?

Men are not much of spenders than girls. Girls will spend most of their money on make-up kits and fancy dresses just to look good. They will have wardrobes full of clothes that can go even a year without being worn.

You Are Extravagant On Payday

There is nothing sweeter than going to the bank to withdraw your money after a weeks or months hard work. During paydays, we suddenly become spendthrifts. We spend on unnecessary things and never minding the future. That is why we are always broke.
The list is endless. If you want to avoid being broke, sit down and write the above and any other possible reason you think could make you broke. Evaluate them and find solutions.