Barriers To A Happy Life



Barriers To A Happy Life

What is your idea of being happy? Is it being rich and having many luxurious cars? Is it finding your one true love? Is it doing fun stuff like traveling, swimming, hanging out with friends? Whatever it is, your definition of being happy will differ from others opinion. This is the reason why you need to get around the idea of happiness and how to find it in your life. You design your own happiness.
There are things that we do that prevent us from finding happiness. These things include;

Self Loathing

Self-hatred is the greatest thief of happiness. You are constantly hating the way you are and how your life has turned out. This will always make you angry. Sometimes, you will even compare yourself with others around you. Please do not do that since instead of focusing on yourself, you will try to be someone you are not. You will go to great lengths trying to achieve someone’s life and all that will only bring misery. To truly be happy, perfect the art of being the most authentic you can be.

Unsatisfying Job

Life is full of responsibilities most of which require money. Paying rent, buying clothes, living in your own home, educating your kids, paying your student loans and so many others are just some responsibilities that make us find jobs. In rare cases, people find jobs they are passionate about. Other times, the circumstances force us to take up jobs for the money, not passion. This drains your happiness slowly as the job becomes monotonous and the mere fact you are not enjoying it kills you inside.


Hangover For Your Ex

Word of advice, let bygones be bygones. You had a wonderful time with your Ex before parting ways now it is time to move on. Thinking about them leads to a life of misery and sometimes obsession. Avoid spending countless of hours stalking your Ex on social media. This is a recipe for misery and depression in your life

Believing In The Fairy Tale Of The Existence Of A Perfect Partner

Love is a beautiful thing. Most people will wait and look for years for the perfect girl or guy to cross paths with and live happily ever after. The truth is, no one is perfect. If you find a partner that makes you happy but you have to end things because of that one detail you hold on to, then you will never be happy. Try to find perfection in your partner for there is no perfect partner.

Lack Of Appreciation

Life will always present us with options. Even if you are poor, you will always have something to be proud of. Learn to appreciate even the smallest things in your life. Do not wait for bigger things. Be content with what you have now, for it could be a stepping stone to greatness.


Waiting Around For Someone Or Something To Do It For You

The world will never hand you the life you want. You have to work for what you want. This is the same with happiness. After realizing what makes you happy, it is time to work to achieve it. Be wise. Get up and look for happiness otherwise, each day will be dull for the rest of your life.

Trying Many Things At A Time

We have our limits after which we rest to re-energize. Most people pile up many things on their to-do list all at once. In the long run, you will be trying to meet deadlines and racing time in the last minute. This is a red flag signaling lack of happiness. Commit to tasks you can manage and live a happy life.

Years Flying By And Nothing To Show For It.

Time will never stop ticking. People are therefore chasing time to find happiness. The reality is that once you realize you have not achieved any of your goals and you are not getting any younger, depression becomes your friend. In turn, your happiness is jeopardized.
These are just some of the things hindering you from having a happy life. True happiness will be found if you know the cause of your misery and that of happiness. It is only then that you start working towards a happy life.