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You Are The Company You Keep

Today I am going to talk about peer pressure and how the people around you influence you. Ever since I can remember my mom would always tell me, “You are the company you keep.”. I heard what she was saying, but I didn’t really notice or care until I was

Why People Fail To Respond To Phone Messages

Why People Fail To Respond To Phone Messages Nothing feels disheartening than sending a good message of love to your friend then it goes unreplied. Some thoughts will run through your mind as you try to imagine what could be the reason. Am I no longer important to my friend? Doesn’t my friend

Why You Don’t Have Many Friends

Things That Keep Friends Away The power of friendship is undeniable. Friends who truly value each other will do extraordinary things for each other. They will drive for hours just to be with you during hard times; they will even stand up for you even if they stand no chance. This