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Tag: fear

Fear And Self Doubt

How many times have you heard someone say that want something really bad, they want change and within reason that they’d do whatever was necessary to get it? I heard once that if you fail to plan by default you are planning to fail. self doubt will stop you dead

In Your Feelings

Have you ever felt some type of way and nobody else is really feeling you? In the English laguage alone there are approximately 4,000 feelings listed. Not to be confused with emotions which are physical and instinctive. Feelings play out in our heads being made up of mental associations and

Here Is Why You’re Single

Are You Single? Here Is Why! Love scene has turned the world upside down. Each day, there is something new to learn from relationships. Family and friends are getting married but you never seem to know their secret. You have been single for as long as you can recall and you