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Leaving Your Hometown

Americans have become less mobile over the last 20-23 years, especially those with lower incomes and less education. Which means they’re not leaving their hometowns. According to some folks who did some things over at The New York Times they’ve found the typical adult lives on 18 miles from his

Your Credit Score

I couldn’t remember if we had spoke about this or not, but with selling my home and attempting to establish myself this subject keeps coming up. Even now I don’t completely understand, but I know it’s a necessary evil if you can’t afford to pay cash for items like a

Stay Woke

So you think you’re woke and have tapped into or unplugged from the Matrix; however you perceive it. Now there’s nothing wrong with this as long as you aren’t obnoxious or come across as holier than thou. Furthermore knowing the truth about something like oppression can be a burden and

Seasonal Affective Disorder

If you noticed your mood changing and smile turning upside down with the weather, it’s not just you. Seasonal affective disorder is a reaction to reduced sunlight (Vitamin D) and this affects 1 out of 5 Americans. Being sad is not great for your health so adding on these “Winter


By definition Detox is the process of abstaining your body from unhealthy substances. Ultimately it’s all about nourishing, resting and cleansing the body from the inside out. By removing said toxins you can protect yourself from disease all the while feeding your body with healthy nutrients. So we’ve made it

Becoming A Millionaire

I’m constantly telling my small circle of friends the same things I speak about here on the blog. Not only does this assist in the whole practice what you preach mentality, but the shit is just that good. It feels good to say it even when they don’t want to

Find Your Passion

What would I spend my time doing if I had complete financial abundance to do anything? Some may have never been asked this questions while others may not know the answer yet. Finding your passion sounds in depth and even difficult, but answering that question can assist you in what

Lucid Dreaming

What is lucid dreaming? By definition any dream in which the dreamer is aware they are dreaming. I’ve done this for some time now, but I don’t dream as much as I used to. I don’t sleep a whole lot either at one time. A lot of my days it’s

Fear And Self Doubt

How many times have you heard someone say that want something really bad, they want change and within reason that they’d do whatever was necessary to get it? I heard once that if you fail to plan by default you are planning to fail. self doubt will stop you dead

Humans Need Not Apply

The robots are here and have been for some time. Economically it’s the inevitable because it’s all about the bottom dollar. This is where they say it’s business not personal. Just in case you don’t know what I’m referring to it’s called automation. Automation by definition is the application of

Goal Setting

Whether you know where you’ll be 5 years from now or not by the end of this you’ll want to at least write GOALS on the top of a piece of paper and stare at it for a moment. With that being said if your goals aren’t tangible and are

Social Media & Interactions

According to Forbes magazine, only 7% of communication is based on the verbal word. If you remember elementary math that leaves over 90% of communication based on nonverbal cues like body language, eye contact and tone of voice. I may have said the robots are coming before, but seriously technology’s

How Alcohol Effects The Body

Like most things in life when enjoyed in moderation are fine, but consuming too much of any one thing isn’t going to have the best outcome. 🙁 I mean people can drink too much water! With that being said I’m going to touch on alcohol today because somebody asked me

You Are The Company You Keep

Today I am going to talk about peer pressure and how the people around you influence you. Ever since I can remember my mom would always tell me, “You are the company you keep.”. I heard what she was saying, but I didn’t really notice or care until I was

Plant Based Diet

Do you always know what you are eating? I know I don’t. Generally if it taste good I’m probably going to eat it. (pause) As the title reads going plant based doesn’t mean you have to give up meat. Some definitions allow for modest amounts of lean meats and fish.

In Your Feelings

Have you ever felt some type of way and nobody else is really feeling you? In the English laguage alone there are approximately 4,000 feelings listed. Not to be confused with emotions which are physical and instinctive. Feelings play out in our heads being made up of mental associations and

Saving Money

Off the rip please know it is possible to save money regardless of your financial situation. In order to turn anything around all you have to do is take the first step. You’ve been walking for years so you already know how easy that is. In today’s blog I am

Opioid Abuse

Pharmaceutical companies did somethings to remove doubt and fears in the medical community that patients would not become addicted to opioids. With that narrative being pushed Healthcare Providers began to prescribe them at greater rates. As you’re aware once money gets involved they care less about the people and its

Plug-In Electric Automobile

Electric cars are known for their high cost and less than favorable battery life. Sooner than later diesel and gas power is going to be knocked out by plug-in electric automobiles. According to a small group of people with a copious amount of money and honorary PhD’s the majority of

The Thirst Is Real

It’s summertime and hotter than fish grease out here in these streets! Do you stay hydrated throughout the day? For the ones who do you understand how difficult it can get to drink the required amount of water each day to stay hydrated especially when temperatures reach the 90’s and

Mental Illness

25% of adults are faced with a mental health condition every year with 75% of these conditions developing by the age of 24. Mental illness is a particular state of existence that can affect your mood, thinking and the way you feel. Every person and condition is different even if

Local Elections

Have you ever voted in a local election? If so you understand this type of an election has a more profound impact on your day to day life than national ones. The odds say you probably don’t know the name of your mayor with approximately 25% of registered voters actually

What Does School Prepare You For

Why School Doesn’t Prepare You for Life Education is essential as it makes it possible for people to write, read, communicate and calculate. Educated people become knowledgeable about different cultures, philosophies, and history. There is abundant beauty in investing in quality education. For starters, education increases your chances of succeeding in

Why You Cannot Sleep

Why You Find it Hard to Sleep Well When your life gets busy, it does not have to rob you of a good night sleep. Not only does it sabotage your performance the following day, but also has a negative effect on your health. Too Much Thinking When going to sleep, the last
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