About Hashtag Filthy Part Two



Previous Releases

We originally release the first Hashtag Filthy collection back on August 29, 2014. There was only three items when we first rolled out and they were all hats. At the time all we were seeing was t-shirts so to step up and stand out we went with hats and embroidery. Back then we had the first pre-order and only had 7 orders over a month. That definitely wasn’t ideal, but considering this is a hobby and we stuck with it we’ve created a brand and a lifestyle three and a half years later.


The Pre-Release

The first two hats that were ordered we’re reserved at $100 a piece. In an effort to support the brand and a friend’s vision we put together a certificate and I believe that got the product a bit earlier than everyone else. To put that into perspective the hats were only $30 so this was a milestone we’re very fond of and really catapulted the brand.


The Swag

If you go back you’ll see that we started out with Hashtag Filthy lighters and stickers. Just like our product these items were exclusive and limited. With only 50 lighters made and 100 stickers it would be a rare sighting seeing them all though they are out there. The icing on the cake was the mixtape. We printed up a total of 200 with the first 100 being given away online on a first come first serve basis. Those were also numbered, personalized and signed. The other 100 were given out by a small team of 4 in different areas of the US; mainly in our local area of Spokane, Washington.