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About Hashtag Filthy Part Three


How We Started

We began using the word filthy on a consistent basis when referring to unjust or dishonest acts in our everyday conversations around 2008. Years later this lead to the phrase the filth is real which was used to describe an instance of filth and began evolving into its own entity respectively. From there it was taken to social media sites Instagram and Facebook with a prototype in the form of a snapback had made at Lids. It was at this point the hashtag was added to mark all of the “filthy” content given the name #FILTHY this wasn’t a difficult task.


The Chosen Path

Hashtag Filthy was created by Marcus Ford in Spokane, Washington. It was him that changed the vernacular and saw a bigger picture than the ones posted online in his local area among his friends and those he ultimately encountered. Immediately interest was found via the internet and action was taken as the signature logo was created. We are here to inspire and create the competitive nature that fuels most art while continuing to push forward with consistent growth.


Our Game Plan

The current landscape of art and small business in Spokane is untapped. Hashtag Filthy can bring light to this by starting a platform that allows one’s craft to be showcased. The first release came August 29, 2014 with three snapback hats. Today we are a lifestyle brand and mean much more than any product we could embossed our logo on. We hope to have you along for the ride and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have while browsing the website.

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