About Hashtag Filthy Part One



The Mixtape

I decided to record a mixtape to jump start the brand known as Hashtag Filthy, (#FILTHY). Originally I wanted to feature other artist on it as a way to give them a platform and the fact the more people who were involved the greater the exposure. Unfortunately that didn’t pan out so I had to go back to the drawing board where I found myself writing and recording. Due to some previous networking and creating I had done in the past I had known someone who created music who could assist me in the venture.


The Process

It took approximately 12 months to create and record the project with several fences that had to be hurdled along the way like the actual rapping and access to the studio. And being this was just going to end up a loss leader time wasn’t of the essence until it started coming together and I knew we had something. I told the homie who was helping me that this would be perceived well from the beginning because it was something that hadn’t been done locally in the Spokane Area. As for the rapping I had to practice that at home, the studio and at open mic nights weekly in order to become comfortable and not sound like I was reading from a paper.


The Result

When this was finally complete I went into marketing mode and shot 7 music videos in like 10 days in July. #hotAF This was the catalyst to are early success as I was able to keep peoples attention for about 2 months after the release of the mixtape and our first release that featured only 3 hats. This also allowed people to be apart of the movement who didn’t want or couldn’t afford the merchandise. I still get messages from people playing this or using the marketing material we put out in 2014. With that being said it’s not a matter of if it’s possible or not more than will you do it or will you watch it.

Music (Soundcloud)
Videos (YouTube)
Lyrics (Rap Genius)

5 thoughts on “About Hashtag Filthy Part One

  1. Stoked to see you embracing the brand you built, time to keep it going and let people know what your all about.

    1. I appreciate you for that! This has always been the plan. It really is all about timing, but you’re right its time to keep it going. Thanks bro!

  2. Keep on keepin on Marcus .. what the next #FILTHY hoodie coming out. I need a new. Get lots of compliments o. The Spokane Sonic one

    1. Thanks Margaret! The next Hashtag Filthy Hoodie will be out very soon along with some other items. Glad to hear it. I definitely can’t go outside without it sparking a conversation. Speaking of the Supersonics release did you get the sticker sheet in the mail when those first came out?

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